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Installation Tool
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Installation Tool

The narrow sense of steel wire Lo sets of steel wire Lo sets of installation tool is specifically installation wrench, mainly used for steel stud in the screw thread bottom hole installation, its basic principle is that the set of spiral steel wire through a guide screw, forcing the diameter shrinkage, in order to successfully into the bottom, divided into manual and automatic installation wrench. The generalized set of spiral steel wire installation tools include the following:

1, tap: used for processing steel wire inside the installation of a screw hole of the thread;

2, installation wrench: steel wire spiral sets into the threaded hole;

3, thrust device: used for broken wire installation of a screw shank;

4, Remove cover device: used to remove the into the threaded hole in the steel wire spiral sets;

5, thread plug gage: used for test installation of steel wire inside of a screw thread hole.

The Application Scope  

Steel wire after long-term work test in a product, a screw structure is reliable, the performance good, easy to use. Parts can be used in various industries, to use screw products, is the object, such as used in: aerospace industry, shipbuilding, defense industry, automobile industry, hardware electronics, all kinds of machinery


1.Prolong the service life: because the wire screw is stainless steel material, high hardness, make the soft base increased dozens to hundreds pieces of thread life; Increased its strength, but also avoid tripping, disorderly buckle.

2.Increase connection strength: soft, such as low intensity can be used for aluminum and magnesium alloy materials, wood, plastic, rubber and so on easy to deformation and low strength materials, avoid slippery silk, the phenomenon such as wrong tooth.

3.Increasing the bearing surface, can be used to require a strong connection and don't add the screw hole diameter of thin body parts.

4. increase the bearing capacity of the threaded connection and the fatigue strength: using steel wire can eliminate a screw bolt and screw hole deviation between the pitch and tooth type, make the load evenly distributed, so as to improve the bearing capacity of screw thread connections and fatigue resistance. Can be used in ceramic, plastic, glass and other hard brittle fragile material connection fastening. Effectively prevent rupture phenomenon.

5.Rust death: steel wire spiral sets the characteristics of material itself and its surface is very smooth, use in harsh environments, such as moisture, corrosion, won't make matching matrix of rust, avoid because of rust threaded holes can't remove and replace the expensive matrix loss. Can be used in chemical industry, aviation, military equipment and other high coefficient of insurance required.

6.Wear-resisting, heat resistant, corrosion resistant: as the steel wire spiral sets very high surface finish, can effectively reduce the friction between the internal and external screw thread of the material itself but also have high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant properties. Often can be used to remove, installation of parts and often turn screw hole, prolong its service life.

7.Earthquake, prevent loose: type locking screw special structure in strong vibration and shock environment will lock screw in the screw hole, not loose, the lock is better than other locking device. Can be used to power equipment, instruments and meters, precision and aerospace, aviation, military equipment and other high coefficient of insurance required.

8.Easy maintenance: in the event of a screw thread processing errors or of damage to the internal thread repair, using the steel wire can make a screw matrix, and can use the original screw, fast and economic. Simple examples, such as engine block, textile special parts, all kinds of aluminum parts, lathe knife later scrapped due to damage of a screw hole, tapping again as long as the installation of a screw, the trash is coming back to life.

9.Metric system screw tooth transformation: using steel wire spiral sets for metric please - inch please - international standard thread hole, is very convenient, quick, economic, practical, applicable to any import and export products.

Steel wire spiral sets of assembly process

By drilling, tapping, install wire set, thrust handle installation of four main steps, see below:

1, drilling

Use table do the size of the drilling, drilling depth is greater than or equal to L2; Attention not to drill in cone, the drill is not easy to choose and wear serious, don't fall into the chip may cause the damage. Bored after allowed to stab the nature of the dimpling, dimpling depth should not be more than 0.4 P, counter boring too much is bad for wire sets of installation.

2, tapping

With corresponding specification of the wire sets of special tap for tapping, tapping must exceed the length of the wire length, to all tapping hole, tapping the accuracy of the decision ultimately standard standard screw hole tolerance zone, the user can according to the required precision of the screw hole, tapping methods as appropriate and lubrication method, blind hole tapping to forcibly when appropriate, in order to prevent the broken tap.

Should be clean after tapping screw thread hole, available compressed air gun to blow, blind holes should also be used to the hole of the spray gun from bottom to clean up the long, also can use a cleaning method to clean up.

3, installation

Normally installed application manual wrench set of silk, silk sets of notches in the sleeve, the spindle through the wire set stuck to install the handle and screw into the guide bush, on the base, screw holes clockwise rotating spindle. Small installation and 14 x 2 or more coarse thread when a silk silk set of installation when use the "T" type slot or simple screw head wrench to install, but should pay attention to don't exert on silk set installed handle larger axial force to prevent disorderly clasp, or install the handle is broken.

4, handle broken installation

Hole, want to install the wire sets of thrust, thrust generally use the alignment handle installation, with about 200 g a hammer pounding can remove, for more than 18 x 2.5 coarse thread silk set and set of fine thread above 14 x 1.25 silk, with a needle nose pliers and bend to install the handle can be removed.

5, take out the steel wire spiral sets

Problems during the installation process or due to the wire set time is too long, can be removed should use sleeve, sleeve device put into silk set of inner hole on the handle with a hammer pounding, down with the hand hold the handle to the thread tension spinning can take out the wire sets.